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Justin Hayes

January 2012

Justin continues to do a great ministry with his “Chaplain for the Airfield” ministry at Camp Pendleton (near San Diego) California.  He is taking part in the chapel services as well as spending his days at the airfield meeting and ministering to his Marines.  He loves his work and Becca is loved by everyone she meets as she has a wonderful vision of her role as a chaplain’s wife.  Justin reports that he is “not under-utilized.”  “Good chaplains are never under utilized,” remarks Endorsing Agent, John Schumacher.  “Years ago a chaplain told me that the only things that limited his ministry were his time and his energy.  There are a lot of 12 or 12+ hour days spent by many of our men ministering to their soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.”  Your prayers for Justin and Becca and their family are greatly appreciated!

Summer 2011

Becca pins Justin


Navy and Marine Achievement Medal

Justin writes:  “I have left my JG days behind and have become a lieutenant. My CO also honored me with a NAM award.  This was awarded for the work done with the memorial and funeral services for one of our fallen Marines.  I look forward to seeing you in July (at National Conference in Wooster).

The award is presented for achievement or meritorious service in either a combat or non-combat situation. Recipients are required to demonstrate sustained and extraordinary conduct or have performed a specific achievement. It must be sufficient enough to exceed evaluations in fitness reports or performance reviews.

June 2011

This news just arrived from Justin & Becca at Camp Pendleton:

“Here is an update on what God is doing at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Camp Pendleton.  In November Becca and I and the MCAS Family Readiness team teamed up with a church out in town called Calvary Chapel to offer a Marriage Enrichment seminar based on the Love and respect Curriculum.  About 60 couples were in attendance and the feedback was very positive.  At the end of this curriculum the presenter shared the gospel and we were all encouraged in our marriages and challenged by the gospel message. 

In March MCAS was rocked by the tragic loss of one of our Marines.  A member of the crash crew (air craft rescue and fire fighting ARFF) lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a utility pole.  He did not survive the crash.  I spent two weeks ministering to his wife and their family, as well as the Marines he worked with.  We did a memorial service for the Marines and a funeral for the family.  At each venue there were well over 300 people present.  It was very encouraging to see how God used this tragedy in the lives of those Marines.  I went to a church out in town about two weeks after that memorial service and ran into one of the marines that did the Eulogy.  He told me, “Chaplain, I haven’t been to church in a long time.”  I couldn’t help but have a huge grin on my face.  This Marine had a young child sitting in his arms, and his wife was in service worshiping the Lord.  It is amazing how God can take such a tragic circumstance and use it for his redemptive purposes. 

 Becca and I could definitely use prayer for guidance as we work with the main base chapel to make the Protestant service inviting and effective for meeting the spiritual hunger that surrounds us.  Thank you for your prayer and support of the Eagle Commission.  We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing if it were not for the part you play in reaching out to our service members.”

v/r (Very Respectfully)


November 2010

Navy Chaplain Justin Hayes graduated in August 2010 from the Navy Basic Chaplains School at graduation ceremonies held at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Larry and Sherlene Chamberlain attended the event, enjoying a celebration dinner at “Taco-Sushi” in downtown Columbia.

Justin and Becca and their three children have moved to Camp Pendleton, where Justin will serve as chaplain for four helicopter squadrons in the U.S. Marine Corps.  The U.S. Navy, by the way, provides chaplains for the U.S. Marine Corps.  Chaplain Hayes filed this report soon after his arrival:  “I thought I would touch base with you guys to let you know that we are getting settled here in Camp Pendleton, CA.  I did my rounds for the first time last week at the air station and discovered quickly why they need chaplains around.  I’m feeling job security!”

Justin appreciates your prayers in his behalf.

April 2010

Our newest Grace Brethren Chaplain, Justin Hayes (wife, Becca), was ordained and commissioned by Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church, Winona Lake, Indiana at a special Sunday service on April 11, 2010.  Following remarks about the meaning and process of ordination, the elders of the church laid hands on Justin and prayed that God would bless his ministry as a Grace Brethren Chaplain in the U.S. Navy.  Larry Chamberlain was able to participate in the service by explaining the special ministry of the Eagle Commission and how the members will be supportive of Justin and Becca and their three children throughout their years of service.  We commend the elders and leadership of Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church for creating a memorable event that will help to sustain this family as they face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 2010 - ordination service