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James Schaefer

December 2015

James and Elizabeth      Christmas 2015

James and Elizabeth
Christmas 2015

Greetings to all our Eagle Commission prayer partners!

We wanted to update you about our recent move (Nov 2015). After James received the wonderful news in October that he was selected for promotion to Colonel, the door was open for him to be assigned as the Installation Chaplain of Fort Benning, Georgia, with the 3rd largest Army Active Duty component in the States! We were amazed and greatly humbled by the workings of God through your prayers! We had spent 3 ½ years at Army Central Command, so it was hard to leave – we are so grateful for our time there, the boundless opportunities for ministry and the amazing friends God gave us while there. Now we are beginning a new stage in our journey in the “mission field” of the Military.

Gradually, we are getting to know folks and get familiar with all that goes on here, and my, have we been so amazed to see the ministries of all the Chaplains and Chapels here at Benning! It’s really thrilling! And to think we are now a part of it all! We are so very thankful for the prayers of many that God has used to bring us to this point! We pray that we are useful in His hands as servant-leaders for the growing of the family of God here at Fort Benning! Please pray for daily wisdom for James as he guides and mentors this group of Chaplains (about 40) and the decisions that must be made everyday that affect the lives of thousands of brand new Army recruits who come here to receive their training. It’s a huge responsibility, and your prayers are truly needed! Elizabeth needs wisdom, too, as she mentors the Chaplain Spouses group.

A note on our family – our son & and his family still live near Anchorage, AK, and little Abigail is now 2 ½ (and just too far from us!). Our daughter & her husband live in Warsaw, IN, and are enjoying life on the lake there. We were able to visit in IN this last year, and hope to make it to AK this year sometime.

We just thank each of you, our friends & family, for your wonderful prayer support which God has used to bring us to this point in ministry. May God bless you for such kindness, love and support!

James & Elizabeth



May 2014

James, right, with fellow chaplains at a recent community event

The USARCENT SFMF is a command-sponsored, chaplain-led initiative designed to help meet the spiritual and life needs of service members and their Families by partnering with religious, faith based, and civilian organizations in the local community. The Forum fosters collaboration and information sharing for faith-based services, programs, and resources.

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August 2013

Dear beloved friends of The Eagle Commission,

I want to send my heart-felt thanks for your lovely and generous gift at National Conference. Over and over you have surprised us wives, and shown your love and support while at National Conference – it always amazes me, humbles me, and truly blesses and encourages my heart! There is such blessing and support in knowing we are part of a very special family, and I want to tell you again how much I value that support and cherish the love. May God bless each one who had a part in the love gift to Chaplains’ wives!

Love in Christ,
Elizabeth Schaefer

June 2013 – Rejoicing! James returns to States

James returns

“Yellow Ribbon”

Rejoicing! He arrived about 1:00 Sunday afternoon, greeted by his own personal Yellow Ribbon! The year is behind us now, yet it will always bring back memories of God’s love, grace and protection over our lives, our hearts, our fragile weaknesses during this time. And we will always rejoice in the way God was able to take James to the Kuwaiti mission field – amazing relationships were formed, and I know he was a tremendous blessing to our wonderful Soldiers, Chaplains and assistants in Third Army, but also to those he encountered in the Kuwaiti national forces, some very regularly whom he came to love, and they him. I thank God for the good health He gave us both – James suffered quite a bit over there with many bouts of bronchitis and lung problems due to the desert dust. Also, last time he came home from a year’s deployment (to Afghanistan), he came home to a wife with cancer – this time, things were much brighter. It is God’s wonderful grace upon us, and we are very grateful. Thank you to all for your prayers, love and support during this long year – it means more than I could ever say! Believe it or not, he’s already at work today, though he didn’t go in until afternoon. He will work this week, overlapping with the current Deputy Command Chaplain in this office, whose last day is Friday. So they had to get this overlap in. Then, a week from today, we are off to see our new granddaughter in Texas and a reunion with all our kids and their spouses – yippee! That’s enough for now – had to share with you, and thank you again for your love and support!

Again, rejoice with us!