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Bill Graham

February 2013

We were saddened to learn this past month that Major Billy Graham’s father, an Army veteran, passed away while Billy was deployed to Afghanistan.  Billy was able to return home in time to conduct his father’s funeral and sent this note of thanks for our prayers in his behalf:

“Thank you, everyone, for all the encouragement and prayers during this past week. The Lord was faithful in allowing me to minister to my family and to honor my father’s service to our great country, which he never spoke of much. I had the opportunity to spend time with my sibling, which has not happened in far too long. I also had the chance to see some extended family that I have not seen in decades. The Lord was able to take a tough circumstance and create wonderful connections. Thank you all again for being there when we needed it most. Technology at its finest allowed Robin to share your emails and words of comfort as they arrived and when I needed to hear them the most. The Eagle Commission and this Band of Brothers and Sisters is amazing!”
CH Billy Graham, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Destiny, Afghanistan. 


January 2012

Bill was selected for promotion to Major while at Fort Irwin, CA.  Soon after his promotion, the family moved to Fort Campbell, KY where he is now a Brigade Chaplain with 5 other chaplains to supervise.  He loves his new assignment and being back at Fort Campbell.  He has also been selected for the resident program of the Command and General Staff College (CGSC) at Fort Leavenworth, KS.  This is a very high honor and speaks eloquently of Bill’s military record.  Your prayers for Bill and Robin are deeply appreciated.


Late Summer 2010

The Grahams have made their second move in 12 months and have landed on their feet running.  One of Billy’s first inquiries was, “How soon can I meet my troops in the field?”  Robin wrote our office:

          In just a week, I head to Winona Lake (IN) with Katie and Joy to help get them settled into their dorms at Grace!  Hard to believe we have a sophomore and freshman in college!!
When I get back, I hope to get our lives here at Fort Irwin into some kind of peace and rhythm.  Things are going well though and if you want to update our prayer needs, it would be for the girls at college, Chris doing online courses to finish up high school, Billy as he meshes with his new unit and finds a new battle rhythm and me as I’m involed in PWOC (ladies bible studies), AWANA and being the Troop FRG (family readiness group) leader.  I know, I know…too many acronyms!
Lots and lots to do here and to get involved with!  The needs are great and the workers are few!!

In HIM,                                       
Robin for the Grahamcrackers

Graham Family News – Fall 2009

Many of you have been praying for the Billy Graham family during their tour in South Korea.  They are making arrangements to return to the states, where Billy will attend the Chaplains School at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina for six months of advanced training.  Robin Graham writes this note:

Tis the season to be moving!  We are so excited to report that we are on our way back to the states in just a few days!  The packers have packed everything up, the shippers have shipped everything out and on December 17th we will get on a plane and fly from Daegu to Seoul, to Japan, to Chicago (where the Army has graciously given us a 10 day layover).  From Chicago, we will drive south to Grace to pick up Katie from college, hopefully spend a few days with friends, and then drive 3 hours north to Michigan where we will spend a week with my family!  Christmas at home!  The 27th we will continue our journey in flight from Chicago to Columbia, South Carolina where Billy will attend his chaplain career course. The LORD has already provided a wonderful house for us to live in for the six months we’re at Ft. Jackson!  It is a wonderful place situated on a quiet cul de sac and right on a small fishing lake!  It’s going to be such a refreshing, peaceful place to live and we are thrilled and thankful for God’s provision!  It is still a little hard to believe that our time in Korea has already come to an end but we are soooo very excited to get back to the states and to whatever next adventure God has in store for us although we won’t know what our next assignment (after chaplain course) will be until mid-January or so. Please pray for us as we say good-bye to dear friends and to the crew that have become a part of our family here in Korea.  Thanks so much!



 Graham Family News – 2008

Captain Bill Graham (U.S. Army), with his wife Robin and three children, are stationed in Taegu, Korea. Bill serves as Battalion Chaplain for the 25th Transportation Battalion. He has recently received a two-year extension of his tour in Korea in order for daughters Katy and Joy to finish high school.

Endorsing Agent John Schumacher provides this update on Chaplain Graham’s ministry: Bill has observed that some of the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are being assigned to Korea and he has plans to try to set up a support group for those individuals. (Bill served with troops in Iraq.) The Grahams are planning on a summer leave that will allow them to visit with family state-side and get some much needed rest from the rigors of their very busy life in Korea. Robin is president of the Protestant Women of the Chapel which, under her leadership is growing. Katie is poised to become the Senior Editor of the school yearbook. Joy is excelling in Junior ROTC and has attained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Chris is in his last year of middle school and is looking forward to High School. The entire family is fully involved in the base chapel program at Taegu.

Captain Bill Graham and family.

Captain Bill Graham and family.