Eagle Commission - Military Chaplain Ministries
Eagle Commission - Military Chaplain MinistriesMilitary chaplain ministry


Supporting Our Grace Brethren Military Chaplains

Who We Are

The Eagle Commission was formed to serve as a strategic link between the people of our Grace Brethren Churches and our military chaplains around the world. The Eagle Commission offers the means to express our support of our chaplains and their ministry and to keep updated on their latest news and prayer requests.

Meet Your Chaplains

Learn about each of our military chaplains and their families. Encourage them through your letters or email. Find out what’s happening in their ministries to our military men and women at home and abroad. Let them know you’re praying for them!


The 2017 corporation meeting for Grace Brethren Investment Foundation, Inc. will be held in conjunction with the annual conference of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Access2017 will be held in Fremont, Ohio, July 24-27. Check the FGBC website at http://www.fgbc.org for more information.

Why It’s Important

Dear Eagle Commission Family, Once again we want to express our appreciation for the love and support shown to us year-round as well as at the annual “family reunion”. Your prayers, e-mails, phone calls and cards serve as a reminder that we are in this together. In particular, thank you for the generous gift card given to the chaplain spouses; it represents your hand on our shoulder and by extension, God’s love. – Robin Penfold, chaplain’s wife

While serving at an outpost in Afghanistan, I experienced a very close call with a 4-inch piece of shrapnel. It fell straight down from the sky, ripping my blouse, grazing the center of my back and knocking me to the ground.

Thank you for doing this:

…for all of us. – Chaplain Pete Stone